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Small family for many families

I am Vivien Petneházy-Gaál, above all a beautiful three-year-old girl, Mili’s mother, a designer of Miliature Handmade crochet products, and with my husband are the dreamers and owners of the MiliLand webshop.

The world of children’s toys unfolded before me when Mili was born in early 2019. At that time, I was already searching offers from various sites to find the best quality, design, developmental games for my little girl, which are affordable and will serve the desire of their little owners to play for a long time. It became clear to me that I would like to have as little qunatity of plastic toys as possible in my daughter’s environment, because they break easily and fade, and their environmental impact is very high, which were essential aspects for me.

I have also seen among other mothers close to me that they want to buy toys for their children more and more consciously and are looking for quality wooden products, toys, room decorations, accessories that can be a real defining, stylish element of the children’s room. Fantastic developmental toys and coordination products are already available in beautifully crafted wood with baby-friendly paints, which I would like to make available to the Hungarian market, because we are really talking about premium quality products.

Petneházy-Gaál Vivien - MiliLand

Our main mission

The most important driving force and engine of our webshop rumbles every day in order to make available products of international companies and brands to Hungarian customers that consider environmentally conscious production and the distribution of quality products with the highest available safety and quality certificates to be important.

It is important that these products have a major developmental impact on the lives of our children in developing skills, improving motor movement, maintaining their attention, developing movement coordination problems and expanding their imagination, all of which are quality, safe, aesthetic and stylish.

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We place great emphasis on drawing the attention of parents and grandparents to the purchase of conscious, environmentally friendly products in order to protect our environment from the polluting effects of plastic products.

With our offer, we want to make it easier for parents looking for practical, innovative, stylish and quality toys. As practicing parents, we recommend our products with a good heart and without hesitation, which are also in our daily use.

We want to help our customers improve their toy-buying culture. Don’t pile up your children with a lot of toys in order to calm them down, but strive to buy quality, long-lasting toys that will help them develop their child’s abilities so that you both enjoy the time spent together. Choose a game that you like to play as a parent.

We are committed to believing that by standing behind a noble cause, we can spread the principle of conscious, considered shopping with our customers and partners in the hope of creating a better world for our children and their families. We need to start this consciously now.

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