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Original Rocker-Ramp Set – KateHaa – Colorful

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Whether the weather is good or bad outside, there should always be a super energy-dissipating toy that can be an indoor swing, climbing frame, or slide. The Colorful KateHaa Original Rocker-Ramp Sets have been perfected and developed for the drainage of our children’s energy and movement coordination from the highest quality raw materials available on the market which meets with the highest possible security certifications. These rockers are loved by children and fully trusted by parents. It can be used as a swing, a cradle, a bunker, laid out on its side as a shop, a slide, or even a climbing frame. Turn it upside down like an arch and let’s play a climbing game. An attached ramp can only enhance the game even more. Use it freely the way your child wants it.


The production of all Colorful Katehaa Original Rocker – Ramp Set was inspired by children, during the production of which the manufacturer placed great emphasis on combining aesthetic design, functionality, and a safe environment for play. Waldorf rockers and ramps are exciting, imaginative, innovative, and joyful toys that help our children develop a variety of movement coordination skills, strength, and balance, as well as safely unleash children’s boundless energy, creativity, and imagination. Because of its versatility, KateHaa Waldorf rockers allow kids to create their own imaginative play scenarios.

Available in other colors: natural, pastel,
Age: From the age of a newborn approx. up to 7 years
Original Rocker: 87cm x 47cm x 49cm (7kg)
Original Ramp: 89cm x 35cm (4.2kg)
Weight capacity: 130kg
Material: wood
Usage: Colorful Katehaa Original Rocker – Ramp Set is primarily designed for indoor use, but can also be used outdoors with careful use.
It is CE certified


KateHaa uses only the best quality wood and materials that are safe and non-toxic to babies. All products comply with EN71 safety and quality standards (EN71-1, EN71-2, EN71-3, EN71-8). It is treated with a premium quality water-based varnish and paint, which is not harmful to the environment and health. The wood raw material used is plywood made of 15 mm Baltic birch, which is FSC and CE certified.


Each Colorful KateHaa Original Rocker features an elegant and secure design with handrails along the sides and steel handles at both ends for safe play. The slats provide a safe and solid surface that prevents our children’s feet from getting stuck. The specially designed handrails protect the children’s fingers – so that they are not accidentally squeezed under the swing – because children can easily cling to it while playing, it is easy to reach during continuous movement. Thanks to their precise and precisely calculated size and shape, the rockers roll easily on all surfaces, and children cannot tip over while swinging, but parental presence is recommended during play.

Each ramp has been made with great care for the rockers, in the same size and color. The ramps are special because one of their sides can function as a slide, while if it is mounted upside down on the swing, it can be used as a climber. The ramps can even be easily attached to the rockers, but for complete safety, they can be patented with straps to ensure that they do not move during play. Up to 2 ramps on each side of the rocker can be connected to it. While there are 5 handrails on the Original ramp and 6 handrails on the XXL ramp.

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Original Rocker 


Supplied disassembled with assembly tools and assembly instructions.

Additional information


No Rocker, Rocker


1 Ramp, 2 Ramps, Without a Ramp

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